Snagging to be done


Description of problem(s)


Most Radiators in the house are left with these holes in the walls.
These are not much of a problem, however on very rare occasions, we have seen small bugs/insects leave these holes.

Some of the doors in the house haven’t been finished, not a massive problem to be honest.

The seal on the shower areas seem to have come away

There are various scuffs and knocks on the walls.

Whilst moving in we created some of these ourselves, however I need to say the actual finish on the walls are not nice to touch. I don’t know if that’s the paint or…

I think the most part of the scuffs and the knocks are possibly from moving in, however the photos that were taken on the left were taken on arrival of the property.

Cracks in the paint in parts of the walls/corners of the walls.

Some down lights are not seated correctly.

Nothing can be done about this, but we thought you should know the finish on the ceilings aren’t great.

No finish on the bathroom tiles.
Again, not a massive problem, we’re just a little worried about them coming away over time if water or any kind of damp gets behind these.

Some of the carpets have small snags on them. Just letting you know, as we don’t want to be held liable for these snags at the end of tenancy.

The corner above the front doot.

The general lack of respect from the builders is disgraceful.

Every single window was manky with cement and dirt.
On the rear of the house there’s cement on the white fascia board under the roof.

Under the small window, left of the front door, under the sill needs filling.

General pointing all around the house.

I am no expert, but I believe this could, over a longer term, result in damp issues.

The wall between both houses has a gap between the wall and the house.

Also, here is another example of the builders mess on our electric metre cover.

Claire’s father is a roofer by trade and he’s pointed this out.

Apparently this isn’t only not finished, but it’s been done incorrectly.
Please don’t shoot me ha, I am just the messenger.

Just outside the front door.

Are these live wires that are on show at the rear of the house?

Are these live wires that are on show at the rear of the house?